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CicLAmini Lights Up Lankershim

Posted on 09/22/2023
Crowd walking on Lankershim Blvd.

From nine in the morning to three in the afternoon on a mild and breezy Saturday, CicLAmini turned Lankershim Blvd into a pedestrian-friendly car-free zone for fun and outdoor exercise. On foot, on bikes, on roller skates or skateboards, we all got to hang out with out neighbors, check out local businesses and enjoy live music and a day outdoors. CicLAmini is a scaled-down, pedestrian-friendly version of the larger CicLAvia events held around the City every year. While CicLAvia is usually a five to six-mile course for bicycles, CicLAmini, presented by Council President Paul Krekorian and the North Hollywood Neighborhood Council only occupied a mile of the NoHo Arts District and was the perfect distance for all forms of human-powered transport.