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Council Expands on Krekorian Speed Hump Program

Posted on 08/18/2023
Council President Krekorian with LADOT crew installing speed hump.

With many more four-year-olds enrolled in transitional kindergarten (TK), we have more reason than ever to be careful every time we drive near a school or anywhere where children are present, and the City is working to make school zones and all our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists of every age. 

Council President Paul Krekorian has used his Second District funds to make sure that all elementary schools in his district have at least one speed hump to slow traffic and make for a safer walk to and from school.  The City is now expanding on Council President Krekorian’s program. Since returning from recess, the City Council has approved a plan to add speed humps to 100 streets around 50 schools, identified as high-priority due to heavy traffic or past incidents in which students were injured.