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Enforcement of Plastics Ordinances

Posted on 08/16/2023

Since 2013, the City has adopted multiple ordinances aimed at reducing the Citywide use of plastics, including ordinances regulating single-use carryout bags, disposable foodware accessories and plastic drinking straws, and the distribution and sale of expanded polystyrene products. 

Currently, there are varied enforcement and appeals procedures for the various plastics reduction ordinances. Creating one enforcement and appeals procedure for all plastics reduction ordinances would provide clarity and consistency to the enforcing agency and to the public. This single procedure should align with the City’s Administrative Citation Enforcement (ACE) Program, which has an existing streamlined enforcement process.

I THEREFORE MOVE that the City Attorney be requested to draft, in consultation with the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation (LASAN), an ordinance amending the sections of the Los Angeles Municipal Code relating to enforcement of the plastics ordinances enforced by LASAN, to contain enforcement and appeals procedures that are consistent with one another and align with the City’s ACE Program. 

I FURTHER MOVE that LASAN be instructed to report to the Council with recommendations for potential revisions to the plastics ordinances that would make enforcement more effective in order to better implement the intent of the ordinances.